Our team are experts in delivering apprenticeships and will provide your business with advice, guidance and support every step of the way.

Our dedicated team will help you assess the training needs of your business, help you understand the implications and work with you to help the growth of your business.

That is our promise to you.

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At the heart of our services is quality apprenticeship training. It’s the successful delivery of apprenticeship training that enables you to train your staff, recruit apprentices and grow your business.

By partnering with PM Training you are working with a provider formally recognised and listed on the RoTAP (Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers) by the Education & Skills Funding Agency.

As a leading trailblazer on new apprenticeship standards, we understand apprenticeships and are proud to work with leading businesses and different sectors to deliver new training.


Our team provide guidance and support every step of the way. Everything from completing your needs analysis to agreeing training plans and delivery specifications, to forecasting monthly levy payments and setting up your employer Digital Apprenticeship Service account.

Excellent Account Management by a dedicated contact will guide you to a smooth apprenticeship levy journey.


Creating a robust plan that forecasts your training spend is just one part of a training needs analysis.

Our team can guide you through how to get the training your business needs, and how to coach and support your apprentices.

All of this means you can continue to focus on your core business, knowing that the management of your apprenticeship training is under control.


We pride ourselves on working with young people to enhance skills and get them work ready. Across our training centres we have work-ready apprentices that are ‘skill matched’ to apprenticeship vacancies and businesses making the recruitment process seamless.

Alongside this our complimentary advertising and recruitment service ensures that your business is working with new apprentices as quickly as possible.



Our group charity, Realise charity, enables us to support you as a business in unique ways. Apprentices can access life changing support such as help with driving lessons, tool-kits and clothing for interviews. 

Support and advice for wellbeing including mental health is also available 24/7 through the Big White Wall - which is free to all apprentices. 

  • Reading Time: 3 Minutes
  • 9th July 2020

New incentives to recruit apprentices

On Wednesday 8th July, the government announced its Plan for Jobs. It’s a clear statement of intent that skills, apprenticeships and work based learning are at the centre of policy decisions to rebuild the economy. Now is the time to recruit, invest in young talent and future proof businesses.

  • Reading Time: 2 Minutes
  • 9th June 2020

6 ways to grow your business back stronger

A return to the workplace 'new normal' is around the corner for many employees as more businesses look to restart operations. It's a welcome move for businesses that may have struggled over the past few months with remote working, social isolation and lockdown. 

  • Reading Time: 2 Minutes
  • 26th May 2020

Changing delivery to train the next generation of AAT accountants

With more young people choosing different routes after leaving school to continue their education, the amount of choice available is staggering. With the traditional college and university routes alongside apprenticeships and specific awarding bodies, it’s an exciting time for learning new skills.

  • Reading Time: 1 Minute
  • 23rd January 2020

Level up your teams with an apprenticeship progression plan

I'm sure there have been many conversations in meetings about whether to recruit or upskill existing staff. Budgets and timescales come into question and the debate goes on as both sides have well-rounded arguments. But with a well thought out progression plan for your employees, there is no better place to look than at your in-house talent.

  • Reading Time: 1 Minute
  • 23rd January 2020

Apprenticeship changes for SMEs from January 2020

If you’re an SME looking to boost your business, you’ll soon have much more control over how you spend your training budget. As an SME, you don't pay the apprenticeship levy. From January 2020 the apprenticeship service is being made available to SMEs, so you’ll be able to have greater control over who you choose for your apprenticeship training. For the first time, as a non-levy employer, you'll be able to manage your training through a digital portal – the Apprenticeship Service.

  • Reading Time: 2 Minutes
  • 21st October 2019

The route to success through apprenticeships at whg

Apprenticeships are becoming a popular route into employment for school leavers and more experienced learners alike. PM Training in Staffordshire, are experts in upskilling staff. They provided training for four apprentices at whg, each of the four came to the training with different starting points and experiences, but all quickly progressed to full time permanent positions. 



Whether you are looking to recruit an apprentice, are seeking information about the levy or how to use the Apprenticeship Service, our eBooks, webinars and tools are designed to give you all the information that you will need.