There is a huge need for health and social care professionals and that need is only set to grow as people continue to live for longer. But how do we encourage younger generations to choose this particular career path?

Due to the ageing population and less reliance on informal health care, the demand for staff in the health sector could see the number of paid adult social care jobs increase from 1.52m to 2.34m by 2025.

Attracting school leavers is essential — what’s forgotten is the option of working in social care is also an attractive one. As one of the few countries in the world where experience and attitude are more favoured in the sector, we as training providers can prepare young people for work in care straight from the schoolgates, helping them to achieve the specific qualifications necessary to strengthen their careers.

In a time where ‘millennial’ workers are seen as a disruptive presence in a traditional workplace, their desire to do good could actually be the key to recruitment in health and social care.

"Attracting school leavers is essential — what’s forgotten is the option of working in social care is also an attractive one."

With university fees skyrocketing, now is the time to capitalise on this generation’s priority of contributing to the common good of society, and combine it with alternative methods of learning such as apprenticeships.

As an apprentice, the entry pathway is made clear with a training route established, helping to make social care a more viable career for school leavers.

Having hand-on experience in sectors like health are invaluable, and apprenticeships equip young people with a range of skills to enter the workplace with confidence.

Social care is a sector where a worker’s contribution can make a massive impact in people’s lives. We can help millennials to fulfil their working desires and help the country look after its own.

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