It's that time of year when you are thinking of your next steps and applying for different apprenticeship jobs and courses. You've nailed the application and you've got a job interview! The only question is, what to do next? Our top ten tips for apprenticeship interview success will help you to ease nerves and make a great first impression. 

1. Be Positive

Have a positive outlook on the situation, you have obviously impressed your potential employer with your CV so this is your chance to shine... smile, maintain eye contact and believe in yourself... you've got this!

2. Be Confident 

Your interviewer doesn't want to make you feel uncomfortable, they just want to make sure you are the right candidate for the job. Make sure you do your research on the company beforehand, look at their website, brochures that may be available and be ready to answer any questions they might ask.

3. Ask Questions

Show an interest in the company and the position you have applied for. What are the training opportunities or progression within the company? Engage with your interviewer. Don't just ask what the holidays are. Use questions find out more about the role and the company. The more questions you ask, the more impressed they will be. 

4. Be Different 

Be different and stand out. Show off your hobbies and interests. Maybe you have a passion for drawing or creative writing? Take your portfolio! Playing on your strengths will help you stand out from others. 

5. Dress To Impress

Make sure you are wearing something interview suitable! Track suit bottoms or trainers are not suitable attire, even for an informal interview. Wearing something smart will certainly tick boxes for your future employer. 

Search and apply for apprenticeship vacancies in under 30 seconds

6. Research

Knowing your future company/employer is vital to you succeeding in a job interview. There is no doubt you will be asked about the company and what they do. 

7. Good Manners Cost Nothing

Good manners are essential. They can go along way in an interview and certainly set you as a good contender against any other candidates. Manners can tell a lot about a person especially if the role is customer based. 

8. Smiles All Round

Show off that grin! Smiling can be really powerful when greeting people, it shows that you as a person are happy and full of positive energy. 

9. Use The Experience To Help You In The Future

Use the experience of a job interview to help you in the future, if it is one of the first interviews you've had take some notes from it. If you don't get the role don't worry - learn from it and ask for feedback. Did you ask enough questions? Did you know enough about the company? Did you have the right skills for the job? If you don't get the job remember you know the routine and can improve for next time!

10. First Impressions Count

Be nice to everyone you meet, even showing a good impression to members of the company who are not conducting your interview can help. Your employer may even ask other members of staff what they thought about you.

Search and apply for apprenticeship vacancies in under 30 seconds


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