With GCSE Results Day just a few weeks away, we understand the nerves you'll inevitably be feeling on the run-up to the big day. Don't worry, all of the hard work you've put in will pay off in one way or another. We've compiled an inspirational list of celebrities who didn't have the best time on their GCSE results day - but yet went on to find their skill set and gain a successful career. 

1) Jeremy Clarkson

GCSEs: Celebs who failed their exams - Jeremy Clarkson - PM Training

The Grand Tour host received a C and two Us at A-level but that didn't prevent him from becoming one of the world's biggest motoring experts and newspaper columnists and TV celebrities.

2) Cheryl

GCSEs: Celebs who failed their exams - Cheryl - PM Training

She's worth an estimated £20 million, is the Nation's sweetheart, and has been a member of Girls Aloud – all without a single GCSE to her name.

3) Simon Cowell

GCSEs: Celebs who failed their exams - Simon Cowell - PM Training

Essentially the king of the music and television world, Simon left school with two O-levels – neither of which were in music – but he still managed to build a multi-million-pound empire.

4) Lord Alan Sugar

Successful celebs who failed their exams - Lord Alan Sugar - PM Training

He has the power to fire people with just a point of his finger, is a Lord, and the quintessential business magnate, yet The Apprentice star has just a single qualification from his time at school.

5) Robbie Williams

GCSEs: Celebs who failed their exams - Robbie Williams - PM Training

Stoke's very own pop star failed every GCSE he sat and had to pluck up the courage to tell his mum the results. Thankfully, she told him he'd made it into Take That first.

It's clear to see that you can achieve your dreams and develop a career if you believe in yourself. Your next steps after GCSEs will set you up and provide you with direction in your career, but don't worry, if it isn't college or sixth form. There are plenty of other options available including apprenticeships and traineeships which are a great way to kick start your chosen career.

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