Aspire Housing marketing assistant, Ben Webb-Rushton is celebrating his one year apprenticeship anniversary. Ben tells us about his first year as an apprentice and how his confidence is booming and his marketing flair is excelling.

Name: Ben Webb-Rushton

Age: 20
Apprenticeship: Level 2 Business Administration
Company: Aspire Housing

My first year has been amazing so far, it's gone so fast! I've learnt so much in the space of a year on my level 2 business administration apprenticeship. I'm looking forward to pursuing my Level 3 digital marketing apprenticeship in April so it's very exciting.

Building knowledge

The experience I've gained has been invaluable in building my career. I have taken on a variety of roles with my position, including looking after forms of digital marketing and web development. I am finding that other members of the team often come to me for help with digital problems relating to CRM software and also CMS systems which I'm able to assist with.

I've learnt how to use Google Analytics, AdRoll and how Social Media marketing works. These have been really helpful in allowing me to grow in my role and support other members of the company.

Growing confidence

My confidence has improved by working closely with staff and taking part in community events. It's even helped me to be more confident taking event photographs and applying them to social media and print work, and I'm more willing to talk to people on the phone. 

Learning new skills

Before becoming an apprentice I hadn't done any social media marketing. With support and training from the team, I can now create adverts and campaigns in different styles to meet set criteria and budgets. I've learnt how to monitor these adverts and campaigns to see which ones are more successful and how we can make improvements going forward. 

Future plans

I'll soon be starting my level 3 digital marketing apprenticeship. I’m very excited to continue my journey especially now that I have recently passed my driving test thanks to support from the Realise charity. I am very lucky to have Chloe as my Manager as she is very supportive. I hope to continue and progress my career within Aspire Housing

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