Weighing up the options when leaving school is a big decision. Do you continue on at sixth form, go to college or a training provider? It can be quite a difficult choice. The best advice is to find the next steps that suit your learning experience and style. 

It's a good idea to firstly read about the myths of apprenticeships - you'd be surprised how apprenticeships can set you up for a great career. 

An apprenticeship allows you to gain hands-on experience and learn skills that can benefit you across numerous industries, meaning you can gain a range of talents that will help you whatever sector you eventually decide to settle on.

But what are the other key benefits of apprenticeships?

1. Earn money as you learn

One of the primary benefits of an apprenticeship is that you earn a wage while also learning. Though the money tends to be fairly minimal at first, wages can increase very quickly as you become more knowledgeable, proficient and experienced. Many employers pay higher than the National Minimum Wage for apprentices because they can see the added value that apprentices bring to their business.

2. Gain qualifications

Apprenticeships allow you to gain tangible work experience, but they also enable you to gain valuable qualifications that will help you to advance in your career. Such qualifications will benefit you when you are applying for jobs further down the line, progressing into new roles or moving up within your company.

3. Benefit from bespoke support

When you do an apprenticeship, you will be surrounded by people that know exactly what you are going through. You will be supported by individuals who understand the industry and its associated challenges, and they will be able to offer guidance exactly when it is required. An assessor is always on-hand to provide expert advice and to guide you through your apprenticeship standard. Don't forget your colleagues are a great way to learn about a business.

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4. Enhance your CV

Completing an apprenticeship will bolster your CV and showcase that you have the skills, knowledge and behaviours to carry on in your career. Also, if you impress during your apprenticeship, your employer will happily act as a reference should you seek employment elsewhere at some point in the future. 

5. Receive discounts

When you are an apprentice, you are technically still regarded as a student. This means you will be entitled to an NUS Apprentice card, which will allow you to get money off in certain shops, restaurants, and leisure facilities such as bowling alleys and cinemas. 

6. Get ahead in your career

Did you know that, according to research, apprentices can earn around 270% more than university graduates? By getting on the career ladder three or four years ahead of their university contemporaries, apprentices can start to earn more quickly, and can become masters in their respective trades far sooner.

7. Holiday entitlement

Because you are working for an employer, you will be entitled to at least 20 days of paid holiday every year. Holidays are absolutely essential when it comes to having a perfect work-life balance, so make the most of your days off!

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